“Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering”

~ Bill Gates

We start each project with defining the results that mutual cooperation is to bring. That is why we get involved in ventures that bring the expected value for business.

Application architecture design

When designing software, we draw on our many years of experience. Instead of anticipating different future options, we prefer a lightweight approach that allows for further development of the application architecture as needed. As business grows, software needs to adapt to new expectations. That is why we rely on tried and tested patterns and components while using state-of-the-art technologies.

Custom software development

The need to quickly adapt IT solutions to business needs has made the agile approach prevalent in software production. For years we have been using the process that is followed by teams with solid background in software development. We deliver the user-requested functionality in short iterations (sprints) while ensuring uninterrupted operation of the production systems.

Quality assurance and software testing

The key element in our approach to quality assurance is making sure that we are creating the software that the customer wants. Only then do we focus on whether what we are building is being built in the best way possible.

Maintenance and development of third-party systems

Taking care of a running production system is not just troubleshooting the faults or making it run as smoothly as possible. It’s about making sure it can evolve when faced with changing business expectations. That’s especially true of systems that have been in operation for several years which are crucial to the customer and could use some technological refurbishment. We give them the chance to continually adapt to the IT environment and expand their functions.